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Burman Printing
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Mailing Service

Postage reduction services

We can take care of getting your information to your target customer with our in-house mailing service. We will ensure it is mailed on time and your postage costs are minimal.

  • Sorting - Athens Mailing Service will sort your mail according to the latest postal regulations to ensure the greatest possible savings in postage.
  • Barcoding - The barcode applied to your mailing piece reduces your postage.
  • Permit Usage.

Mail handling services

  • Folding - Bring it to Athens Mailing Service flat...we'll make short work of folding it to size.
  • Labeling - Athens Mailing Service will label your mail, saving you valuable time.
  • Inserting - If you need one or several pieces in your envelope, Athens Mailing Service can get it done quickly and accurately.
  • Hand Sorting - As a last resort to be sure you get the best rates, Athens Mailing Service will hand sort your pre-addressed pieces.
  • Metering - Use our meter. Athens Mailing Service will meter your piece and deliver it to the Post Office for a very modest fee.
  • Delivery to the Post Office - A standard part of our services...Athens Mailing Service will deal with the Post Office so that you won't have to.

Mailing list services:

  • Customer List Maintenance - Athens Mailing Service can maintain your customer list for you. Give us your names and addresses, and we'll be ready for the next time you want to mail to your list. When requested, we can add, delete or change addresses in your list. You save money by sending to known good addresses only.
  • Purchase or rent Mailing Lists - If you don't already have a mailing list, we can find a targeted list for you that will attract the kind of customers you want.